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(a) The Mission Initiative MISSION TRURO including TRANSFORMING MISSION in Truro

(b) The Area of the Mission Initiative the parishes of St. George, Kenwyn; St. John and St Paul, Truro; St. Kea; Truro St Clement; Kenwyn with St. Allen;

Devoran; Feock; Perran-Ar-Worthal; All Saints Highertown and Baldhu; and the community of the Cathedral and Parish Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary Truro

(c) The Objectives of the Mission Initiative

• To work towards every person who lives or works in Truro and the surrounding locality having the opportunity to receive the gospel from someone who loves them through growing healthy local churches, congregations and discipling communities.

• To facilitate a new partnership from the parishes to enable healthy local churches, congregations and disciplining communities to grow.

• To establish two teams across Truro and the surrounding locality. Team One to focus on supporting, encouraging and revitalising existing churches. Team Two to focus on pioneering/planting new churches/congregations/discipling communities.

• Enable the parishes to prioritise planning and working together across parish boundaries to these ends.

• Facilitate a sharing of resources for mission and ministry.

• Coordinate evangelistic outreach, schools work and chaplaincies etc.

• Identify, nurture and train future leaders in ministry, lay and ordained, who can be deployed in the Deanery, Diocese and wider Church.


(d) The Leader (s)

• The Revd Marc Baker – Rural Dean of Powder Deanery; Vicar of St Kea

• The Revd Jeremy Putnam – Priest-in-charge of All Saints Highertown and Baldhu; Team Leader of Transforming Mission Truro

(e) Others working in support of the Mission Initiative

Incumbents, Priests-in-charge and PCCs of the Parishes of St. George, Kenwyn; St.

John and St Paul, Truro; St. Kea; Kenwyn with St Allen; Devoran; Feock; Perran-ArWorthal; Truro, St Clement; and the Cathedral clergy and Chapter of the Cathedral and Parish Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary Truro.

The Visitor The individual holding office as the Archdeacon of Cornwall (or any individual carrying out the functions of the Archdeacon of Cornwall) from time to time.

Commencement Date

Duration of Order Five years initially


Introductory and Interpretation

1.1 This Order endorses and makes provision for a mission initiative (“the Mission Initiative”) under the name set out in the Summary on the first and second pages of this Order (“the Summary”) in the Diocese specified in the Summary (“the Diocese”).

1.2 The requirements of the Mission and Pastoral Measure 2011 (“the 2011 Measure”) for the making of this Order have been complied with, and following the consultations required by the 2011 Measure the Bishop is satisfied that it would be appropriate to

make this Order in respect of the Mission Initiative.

1.3 In this Order, where the context permits:

1.3.1 “the Bishop” means the Bishop for the time being of the Diocese or the person in episcopal orders to whom the functions of the Bishop of the Diocese in relation to this Order are delegated under any enactment;

1.3.2 "the TDBF" means the Truro Diocesan Board of Finance Limited;

1.3.3 "Team One" and "Team Two" have the meaning given in the Summary (together referred to as the "Teams");

1.3.4 "Team Leader" means the leader of either Team One or Team Two (as the case may be);

1.3.5 expressions which are also used in the 2011 Measure have the same meaning as in that Measure.


2.1 Subject to the power of the Bishop to revoke or vary this Order under and in accordance with the 2011 Measure, this Order shall come into force on the Commencement Date specified in the Summary and shall continue in force as specified in the Summary.

The Mission Initiative

3.1 Pursuant to Part 7 of the 2011 Measure and subject to the terms of this Order, the Bishop endorses the Mission Initiative, which is to be known by the name set out in the Summary.

3.2 The Mission Initiative shall be carried out in the Area specified in the Summary with the object of furthering the Church’s mission by carrying out the objectives specified in the Summary.

The Leader(s)

4.1 The Leader(s) of the Mission Initiative for the purposes of the 2011 Measure shall be the persons duly authorised by the Bishop in accordance with the 2011 Measure to carry out the functions of the Leaders of the Mission Initiative under that Measure and this Order; and 

4.1.2 shall hold that position subject to the provisions of the 2011 Measure and this Order.

4.2 In this Order “the Leaders” mean the persons named as such in the Summary (who or each of whom also holds the office or authority specified in relation him or her in the Summary) or any other person or persons for the time being duly appointed as

Leaders in accordance with this Order.

4.3 The first Leaders are the individuals named in the Summary and each shall hold post as Leader for the Duration of the Order, unless prior to such time, he ceases to hold such post in accordance with this clause 4.

4.4 A Leader shall immediately cease to hold such position on him ceasing to hold the Bishop's licence to exercise their ministry in the Diocese of Truro.

4.5 A Leader may resign by giving not less than 3 months' written notice to the Mission Initiative and the Bishop, unless the notice required is waived by agreement of the parties.

4.6 A Leader may be removed from post by the Bishop upon the advice of the Visitor provided that the Leader shall be given at least 21 days written notice of the intention to remove him and the reasons therefore and the Leader shall have the right to be

heard by the Bishop and the Visitor before any final decision is taken.

4.7 In the event of a new Leader or Leaders being appointed to the Mission Initiative, an appropriate instrument varying this Order shall be executed recording the full details of the new Leader or Leaders.

4.8 The Leaders shall carry out the Mission Initiative subject to and in accordance with the 2011 Measure and this Order and shall be responsible to the Bishop for its conduct.

4.9 Of the Leaders:

The Leaders shall be jointly responsible to the Bishop for the conduct of the Mission Initiative. However, each shall have oversight of a specific objective of the Mission Initiative as follows:

4.9.1 Marc Baker will be the Team Leader of Team One and will oversee Team One to supporting, encourage and revitalise existing churches.

4.9.2 Jeremy Putnam will be the Team Leader of Team Two and will oversee Team Two to enable pioneering/planting new churches/congregations/discipling communities.

4.10 Team One and Team Two and their respective Team Leaders will work in close partnership. The Teams will plan together and work to an agreed shared plan, sharing resources across the Mission Initiative.

Others working in support of the Mission Initiative

5.1 The persons named in the Summary (each of whom also holds any office or authority specified in relation to him or her in the Summary), or any other persons appointed in addition to them or in their place under the Supplementary Instrument, shall also be involved in working in support of the Mission Initiative as provided for in the Supplementary Instrument.

The Visitor

6.1 The Visitor for the Mission Initiative for the purposes of the 2011 Measure (“the Visitor”) shall be the person named as such in the Summary, or any other person appointed in that person’s place in accordance with the terms of this clause, and shall

perform the functions of the Visitor under the 2011 Measure.

6.2. The Visitor:

6.2.1 may resign with the agreement of the Bishop; and

6.2.2 shall cease to hold that position if the Bishop so directs in writing.

6.3 If at any time there is no Visitor for the Mission Initiative or that position is about to become vacant the Bishop shall appoint a person to be the Visitor to fill the vacancy.

6.4 The Visitor shall carry out the functions specified in section 81 of the 2011 Measure.


Exercise of ministry and relationship with those with the cure of souls

7.1 The Leaders and any others for the time being duly authorised by the Bishop to carry out functions in relation to the Mission Initiative may exercise their ministry in any place in the Area specified in the Summary for the purposes of or in connection with

the Mission Initiative and in accordance with this Order without the permission of any person who has the cure of souls in that place.

7.2 The Leaders shall use all reasonable efforts:

7.2.1 to consult regularly with each person having the cure of souls in any part of the Mission Initiative Area; and

7.2.2 to work in co-operation with all those persons and to ensure that all others with functions in relation to the Mission Initiative do so; and if the Leaders experiences difficulty in doing any of those things or find it is impracticable to do any of them the Leaders shall report the matter as soon as practicable to the Visitor and seek the Visitor’s guidance.


8.1 This Order authorises the holding of acts of worship (including the administration of the Sacraments) as authorised or directed by the Leaders (or one of them following consultation with the other Leader(s)) but subject to and in accordance with the 2011

Measure and any further directions by the Bishop:

Provided that:

8.1.1 This Order does not authorise the solemnisation of marriage;

8.1.2 The sacraments shall be administered in accordance with the enactments and

other laws relating to their administration;

8.1.3 Holy Communion may be celebrated only at times and places authorised by the Bishop and subject to any conditions which the Bishop may specify;

8.1.4 The Leaders shall consult the Visitor about any proposal for Baptism or Confirmation to be administered or for any other occasional office to be conducted in connection with or in the context of the Mission Initiative and such a proposal shall be implemented and the rite concerned shall take place subject to and in accordance with the Bishop’s directions;

8.1.5 Such acts of worship may take place in a building within section 80(13) of the 2011 Measure only with the consent of the person who has the general management and control of the building;

8.1.6 Such acts of worship may take place in a church or other place of worship within section 80(14) of the 2011 Measure only with the consent of any person having the cure of souls there.

9.2 All acts of public worship of the Mission Initiative:

9.2.1 if held in a place for which a register book of services is provided under Canon law, shall be recorded in that register book; and 

9.2.2 if held in any other place, shall be recorded in a register book of services of the Mission Initiative, which shall record the same matters as Canon law requires to be recorded in register books of services for churches and chapels and which shall be kept in accordance with the provisions of the Supplementary Instrument and any directions by the Bishop.

Organisation, governance, finance and management and control of property

10.1 Any funds of the Mission Initiative shall be held, and payments shall be made and received on its behalf by the TDBF within a restricted account established solely for the purposes of the Mission Initiative.

10.2 The organisation, governance and management of the Mission Initiative shall be undertaken by a committee formed for the purposes of the Mission Initiative (the "Mission Initiative Committee") in accordance with such policies, procedures and processes as the Mission Initiative Committee reasonably determine.

10.2.3 The Mission Initiative Committee shall be composed of the following:

(a) The Revd Jeremy Putnam

(b) The Rev’d Marc Baker

(c) The Ven Paul Bryer


10.1 The Mission Initiative shall be carried out subject to and in accordance with the terms of this Order, the 2011 Measure and all other relevant enactments and other legal rules, including those governing the Church of England.

10.2 The Mission Initiative shall be carried out having regard to the guidance in the Code of Practice drawn up and issued by the House of Bishops under section 84 of the 2011 Measure as in force for the time being.

10.3 The Leader(s) and all others who are involved in the carrying out of the Mission Initiative shall use every endeavour to resolve any dispute or disagreement between them and if they are unable to do so the Leaders (or one of them) shall seek the Visitor’s guidance on the steps to be taken in order to resolve it.

Safeguarding people from harm or from loss or damage to their property

11.1 The provisions of this clause shall be in addition to those in clause 10 above.

11.2 The Mission Initiative shall be carried out in all respects in accordance with the guidance issued by the House of Bishops and in force for the time being on the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults.

11.3 The Leaders and all others who are involved in the carrying out of the Mission Initiative or who are acting on its behalf shall take all reasonable steps:

11.3.1 to avoid harm or loss being caused to any person; and

11.3.2. in addition to the duties under clause 12.3.1 above, to ensure that any premises are used for or in connection with the carrying out of the Mission Initiative only if and for so long as they are reasonably safe for the purposes for which they are

being or are intended to be used.

11.4 If a Leader becomes aware that harm or loss has been or may have been caused to any person through or in connection with the carrying out of the Mission Initiative or by a person acting or appearing to act on behalf of the Mission Initiative, the Leader shall inform the Visitor without delay and provide the Visitor with full details of the circumstances and shall seek the Visitor’s guidance.

11.5 The Leaders shall:

11.5.1 take all reasonable steps to ensure that reasonably adequate insurance (including public liability insurance) is in force in respect of the carrying out of the Mission Initiative and in respect of all premises (other than any cathedral, parish or guild church, parish centre of worship or other parochial place of worship) and other property used or to be used for or in connection with the

Mission Initiative; and

11.5.2 consult the Visitor as soon as practicable if the Leaders require guidance about what insurance in required under clause 12.5.1 above or has reason to doubt whether such insurance is in force in some or all respects.


13.1 The Leaders shall ensure that:

13.1.1 proper accounting records are kept for the Mission Initiative; and

13.1. 2 accounts are prepared annually for the Mission Initiative which show a true and fair view of all activities carried out by or in connection with the Mission Initiative in accordance with professional practice and standards.

13.2 The Leader shall ensure that copies of all accounts and annual reports prepared for the Mission Initiative are supplied to the Visitor.