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The Waterside Churches - Joint Council 


Heavenly Father,

together we worship as the Waterside Benefice.

Thank you for your provision and for the opportunity of working together.

We pray for those you have called to our Joint Church Council and PCC's.

Grant them understanding to recognise the needs and opportunities that exist within our three parishes, Grace to provide leadership and develop a vision for The Waterside Benefice and to have, above all, a love for those in our churches and local communities.

As we continue this journey we seek your strength Lord and the guidance of the Holy Spirit as we offer this prayer in the name of your Son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen.


The Waterside Churches Joint Council provides prayerful and reflective leadership and direction with responsibility for the following:

1. Mission

2. Ministry

3. Finance

We look to build God’s kingdom in the parishes. Our prayer is that we will be a blessing to many, and enable many to be sustained in worship, ministry and mission in a post - Covid world. We are looking to envision a future for the Waterside Churches which will be inclusive, exciting, deepen discipleship and provide support for both the church and local communities spiritually and practically.


1/. The Waterside Churches is in the process of becoming a benefice. It is governed by a Joint Council.

2/. The Joint Council has delegated responsibility for various aspects of The Waterside Churches' common life, as formally        delegated by the three PCCs of the benefice.

3/. The Joint Council has delegated oversight of the following:

a/. Mission - Oversight and support of the mission of The Waterside Churches.

b/. Ministry - Oversight and support of the ministry of clergy and lay leaders.

c/. Stewardship - Responsibility for developing a common approach to stewardship

d/. MMF - Responsibility for oversight of the payment of MMF.

4/. Each church has its own PCC, which retains responsibility for the custodianship of assets (including investments, cash and          buildings), plus care of the local church and other buildings. 

5/. The PCCs pay funds into a central account, administered by The Joint Council, from which MMF, administration costs            and travel expenses are distributed.

6/. Administration for The Waterside Churches is looked after by a volunteer as we are keen to ensure that Rev'd Karen               Wilson, our new Priest in Charge, is not unduly burdened by administrative issues.

7/. The appointment of a priest in charge of the new benefice is initially for three years.

8/. A review of the possibility of becoming one parish and the appointment of the priest in charge will be carried out at the end of the three year period. This will be conducted by the Archdeacon, with input from the Rural Dean, Priest and Churchwardens.

9/. The criteria for the review will be to focus on ‘fruitfulness and sustainability’ with specific attention regarding the effectiveness of a Joint Council, financial sustainability for the churches and payment of MMF.


Rev'd. Karen Wilson, Rev'd. Jonathan Rowe, One Churchwarden from each church, Janet Thomas and Chris Ryall from St. Piran's, Rosalind Smith and Martin Smith from St. Feock, Jane Darlington and Adrian Walker from Devoran. 




Welcome and opening prayer


Revd. Karen Wilson (KW), Anne Ramsden (AR), Jane Darlington (JD), Paul Stuart (PS), Martin Davey (MD), Janet Thomas (JT), Robert Talbot (RT), Chris Ryall (CR), Adrian Walker (AW)


Rosalind Weaver


Accepted as accurate.


KW said that JCC minutes should not appear on the website or in public, and quoted a Church of England regulation. The meeting discussed and will return to the subject. (AFTERNOTE: Church Representation Rules 2017 Appendix II 12(f):

“Other persons whose names are on the electoral roll may have access to the approved minutes of Council meetings held after the annual parochial church meeting in 1995 except any minutes deemed by the Council to be confidential"

12(g) “other persons may have access to the minutes of Council meetings only in accordance with a specific authorisation of the council provided that, where minutes have been deposited in the diocesan record office pursuant to the Parochial Registers and Records Measure 1978, the authorisation of the council may be dispensed with”).


KW gave a brief update of where we are in the process. All 11 churches in our group have had consultation. The resulting information has been collated and will now form the basis of a draft plan. Feedback to the churches will happen, followed by an exercise to look at sustainability. This process is happening across the Deanery and will end up in a Deanery plan to be submitted to the Bishops Synod. June is the deadline. KW stressed that nothing is “off the table”.


A/. Children and Youth Ministry. KW said that this was an absolutely vital area for all of our 3 churches. Whilst we must not forget the present congregations and their needs, we must ensure we access and build youth and young families’ work. The “Lost Generation” was also noted. Each of our parishes has roughly an equal number of young children. Help was offered by Hugh Barne from Kea. It was also noted that only a couple of children from within our Benefice goes to Kea for youth work. We must work together on this and each church was invited to forward a rep. AR, CR are keen to work on this and St. Feock will look to provide somebody. The idea of a Youth Group came forward. Our ageing demographic is a danger to our sustainability. PS to build a youth section for the website.

B/. Lent and Easter Services. Rotas were distributed. The main issue was the lack of clergy to provide Eucharist on Easter Day. The proposed solution (a “one-off” solution, hopefully) was 9.30 at St. Piran’s with KW, 10.00 at Devoran with Revd. Jeff James and 11.00 at St. Feock with KW. Holy Week events were agreed.

C/. SOW/ Orders of Service/BCP and Occasional Offices. KW asked for views. The general feeling was that they should become more easily accessible in terms of language and rituals to the wider world. SOW could be altered slightly to become more unified. JD and KW to deal with this and produce drafts. Eucharistic services were also discussed. All agreed that this needs a more radical review, whilst keeping the necessary requirements. KW and PS will look at the matter. Particularly detailed work needs to be done on the red book in use at St. Piran’s. JT raised the problem of baptisms in Communion services. Decision made to have baptisms in Service of the Word where possible.

D/. All agreed that we need to modernize our services in order to become much more appealing and accessible to the wider communities we serve. We must look at our mission by improving its visibility, accessibility, identity, communication. Overcoming fear of the church is an issue. Is our language user friendly? Easy to understand and follow? Do we communicate widely and effectively enough? Complacency is not an option.

OUTREACH: Each church gave a list of fundraising events for 2022 and how they fitted in with stated mission aims. PS asked all to send details to be put on the website. The role of the website was noted as vital in all our work. The statistics of page views for January and February 2022 clearly identified where more work is needed and what is more successful. Meeting also recognized the need to ensure other forms of advertising and communication are used, such as parish magazines, notices boards out and about in the parishes, pew sheets where appropriate, local radio and tv.

CHURCH BUILDINGS/HALLS: KW stressed that our churches and church halls must be the focal points for events, as well as services. It could be a case of use them or lose them! Publication of Church Hall booking for each church on the website should happen in all 3 churches, rather than just the one at present.

JCC BANK ACCOUNT: KW reported that the joint bank account now exists and is used to pay her expenses. Any Benefice fundraising events will also feed into this.

AOB: The matter of minutes appearing on the website was discussed. KW said this should not happen, Some disagreement about this. Research to be done to ascertain the proper resolution. KW said that there would be a review of the Waterside Churches after 2 years from the start of the project. PS reminded the meeting that the agreement remains that review is scheduled to happen after 3 years. KW also said that she understood that the idea is to end up with one PCC after the 3-year review. The meeting confirmed that the profile for the group specifically stated this not to be the case. We want to retain individual PCCs and control of finances and assets. RT asked about having a diary on the website. PS to look at that.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Wednesday 15th, June at St. Piran’s Church Hall at 7.00 pm