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The Waterside Benefice - Joint Council 



The Waterside Churches Joint Council provides prayerful and reflective leadership and direction with responsibility for the following:

1. Mission

2. Ministry

3. Finance

We look to build God’s kingdom in the parishes. Our prayer is that we will be a blessing to many, and enable many to be sustained in worship, ministry and mission in a post - Covid world. We are looking to envision a future for the Waterside Churches which will be inclusive, exciting, deepen discipleship and provide support for both the church and local communities spiritually and practically.


1/. The Waterside Churches is in the process of becoming a benefice. It is governed by a Joint Council.

2/. The Joint Council has delegated responsibility for various aspects of The Waterside Churches' common life, as formally        delegated by the three PCCs of the benefice.

3/. The Joint Council has delegated oversight of the following:

a/. Mission - Oversight and support of the mission of The Waterside Churches.

b/. Ministry - Oversight and support of the ministry of clergy and lay leaders.

c/. Stewardship - Responsibility for developing a common approach to stewardship

d/. MMF - Responsibility for oversight of the payment of MMF.

4/. Each church has its own PCC, which retains responsibility for the custodianship of assets (including investments, cash and          buildings), plus care of the local church and other buildings. 

5/. The PCCs pay funds into a central account, administered by The Joint Council, from which MMF, administration costs            and travel expenses are distributed.

6/. Administration for The Waterside Churches is looked after by a volunteer as we are keen to ensure that Rev'd Karen               Wilson, our new Priest in Charge, is not unduly burdened by administrative issues.

7/. The appointment of a priest in charge of the new benefice is initially for three years.

8/. A review of the possibility of becoming one parish and the appointment of the priest in charge will be carried out at the end of the three year period. This will be conducted by the Archdeacon, with input from the Rural Dean, Priest and Churchwardens.

9/. The criteria for the review will be to focus on ‘fruitfulness and sustainability’ with specific attention regarding the effectiveness of a Joint Council, financial sustainability for the churches and payment of MMF.


Rev'd. Karen Wilson, Rev'd. Jonathan Rowe, One Churchwarden from each church, Janet Thomas and Chris Ryall from St. Piran's, Rosalind Smith and Martin Smith from St. Feock, Jane Darlington and Adrian Walker from Devoran. 



JCC Meeting Tuesday 19th October, 2021

Opening prayer.

1. Present:

Rev’d. Karen Wilson (KW), Paul Stuart (PS), David Simmons (DS), Jane Darlington (JD), Anne Ramsden (AR), Martin Davey (MD), Rosalind Smith (RS), Martin Smith (MS).

2 Apologies:

Janet Thomas, Chris Ryall, Adrian Walker.

3. Minutes from last meeting:

Agreed and signed. No matters arising.

4. Set a date for the JCC Focus Day

Date to be 8th January, 2022. KW to investigate the use and cost of Epiphany House. RS and MS said they would not be attending.

5. Update - Ministry. Revd Karen:

Discussion about the role of The Priest in Charge, leading the Benefice Ministry, in dealing with the Service Rota. Churches are asked to provide KW with details of Services and Events that are wanted. KW will write the rota, with input from her Ministry Group, and its publication will indicate what has been agreed. It was stressed that services should not be added or deleted, or details/dates changed, without reference to herself. The All Souls Service at St. Feock will have to take place, (KW has seen the Order of Service and it is a complete service) even though it was not agreed in advance because it is now too late to cancel. The effect on the Joint All Souls Service was noted as a regrettable result of this. It was stressed, however, that we are in a time of change and previous patterns cannot be assumed or guaranteed. It is a time of opportunity to work together towards a sustainable and progressive future. Communication is vital because we are working as a group of three to provide a variety of services and events between us and no longer working alone.

• The rota for January, February and March 2022 is being looked at next week. Requests for inclusion should be passed to KW a s a p.

• Update on BCP services: BCP HC on Tuesday at Devoran is experiencing low attendance numbers and the situation will be reviewed at the end of the month. Evensong at Devoran: Numbers are holding steady and the time will change to 3.00 pm over the winter period. BCP HC service at St. Piran’s is well attended by a loyal congregation. The service will continue on the rota.

• PS confirmed that he refers to the LED for information to be added to the website on a regular basis. However, he still needs all 3 churches to let him have details of anything else that should be on the website. This includes fundraising and social events. Also, any work being carried out on the churches needs to be forwarded as the outside world looks at the website for information about availability. The importance of the website was highlighted by KW. It is proving an important facility in our outreach and this will increase. There have already been examples. (Afternote - PS will provide figures of the use of the website at the next meeting, but the number of “hits” is already very encouraging). 

6. Mission - opportunities during Advent and Christmas:

KW has agreed to be the coordinator of Churches Together, Up the Creek. St. Piran’s will now be included, as a new member of Powder Deanery, and should provide a representative as soon as possible.

7. The Bishop’s Order - feedback from Revd Karen on deanery meeting of 14th October:

KW has attended her first meeting for these initiatives. The Waterside Benefice has been put into Team 1, which takes in Truro and some surrounding areas. That team is led by Marc Baker, Rural Dean of Powder Deanery. The emphasis for our team is renewal and revitalization and how to grow our ministry using current resources. There will be an opportunity for the sharing of resources. There will be a service at Truro Cathedral on 22nd November to mark the start of the projects. We need to appoint a representative from our Benefice to serve on the Management Team for our part of the process. On The Way also puts emphasis on fruitful, meaningful and sustainable ways to face the future. The driver for our team is outreach to young people and children. There are details on the diocesan website. The fact that these initiatives take in an examination of future church and clergy sustainability must not be overlooked.

8. Children and Young People’s ministry:

KW suggested that the JCC appoint a sub group to lead in this vital area of our work. One person from each church was agreed as necessary. Jane Darlington was put forward for Devoran. St. Piran’s said that Chris Ryall would be the likely nominee, but as she was absent from the meeting it would have to be confirmed. St. Feock will let KW know of their representative a s a p. Discussion of possible activities followed and will be pursued once the small group has been formed. The meeting also recognised the importance of looking after and providing for current congregations.

9. Finance:

Now that the Benefice officially exists the original idea for a central account was brought up. After discussion, PS proposed and AR seconded that:

1. MMF continues to be paid individually by each church direct to the diocese.

2. Each church pays an agreed sum to set up a Benefice Central account, from which clergy expenses, and other outlay agreed in advance will be paid. Any fundraising specifically targeted for the whole benefice will be paid into the account.

3. The Treasurers to be asked to get together and deal with this matter as rapidly as possible.

4. Fund Raising for individual churches will continue as required and paid into the relevant PCC accounts.

Proposal carried unanimously.

10. AOB:

It was agreed that e-mails sent to JCC members should be CC’d rather than BCC’d. This will ensure that all are included and know who is involved and party to the matter under consideration. KW will make sure The Waterside Benefice has more detailed material in the local magazines as a step towards raising our profile in the local communities.

11. Date of next meeting:

It was agreed that our next meeting will be the JCC Focus Day on 8th January, 2022 at Epiphany House. 10.00 am – 3.00 pm

The meeting closed with the Grace. 


JCC Meeting Tuesday 17th August 2021. 7pm - Devoran Parish Hall 


Rev’d. Karen Wilson (KW), Anne Ramsden (AR), Martin Davey (MD), Paul Stuart (PS), Janet Thomas (JT), Jane Darlington (JD), Adrian Walker (AW), Chris Ryall (CR), Rosalind Smith (RS), Martin Smith (MS), Patricia Wilcocks (PW), Steve Gaut (SG), Patricia Holmes (PH)

Welcome & Opening Prayer – KW


Rev'd. Dr. Jonathan Rowe


These were the minutes of the last Steering Group Meeting. Accepted and signed.


KW welcomed everybody to this first meeting of the JCC. She expressed hope that it will function to further its aims as set down in the Profile for The Waterside Churches, with the emphasis being on Mission and Ministry. She set down the etiquette for meetings.


KW has received the resignation, with immediate effect, of Esther, our Administrator. KW explained that she would look to identify whatever administrative issues may arise and dealing with them will help her understand more fully what help she needs. PS will ensure the IT needs are met and act as back up to KW. To include minutes for JCC. Agreed by all.

Access and editing permissions for the Life Events Diary will now be amended accordingly. It was agreed that editing permission is restricted to KW, JR and PS. Viewing permission will be given to Churchwardens, Lay and Local Worship Leaders, and our PCC Treasurers.

There was discussion about fees for occasional services. These can be found on the website and KW will explain them when she undertakes preparatory visits. She takes a detailed form with her. Initial enquiries come in via the new contact form on the website, the clergy being contacted directly as well as via church contacts. These enquiries should be passed to KW to deal with, rather than bookings being made by various people. The LED will be updated once bookings are confirmed and the Service and Events page on the website also updated accordingly.

KW will compile a list of people who should be contacted about the various types of occasional services. It will cover such details as Wardens, flower arrangements, music, organists, bells, church halls, funeral directors. It will be a document that gradually evolves, but will need initial details from each church.

There was discussion about fees for occasional services. These are set down on the website and KW will explain these when she visits people. The situation concerning use of the organ by a visiting organist was clarified and all churches will now follow the same procedure. RS pointed out that our organists are paid whether they play at a wedding or not. This is normal in the Church of England. Please refer to our Weddings page.

It was agreed that payment for occasional services should be received at least a month before the event. This includes weddings.  

Pastoral Care was discussed. There will be a Waterside Churches Pastoral Care Team, with a local team in each parish. KW described a Parish based service with a Priest and local coordinator for each Parish. The LED generates needs and reminders, and these will be followed up. Safeguarding and the need for proper safety training and certification was highlighted.


The JCC is responsible for the stewardship of MMF. The history involved in the setting up of The Waterside Churches was described. We were told that the cost of a stipendiary priest had to be met. That cost was £65,000, The Treasurers met and agreed to try to meet the cost, St. Feock would commit to £26,750, Devoran to £25,000 and St. Piran’s to £18,000. This was agreed as an aim for the first year. There was a commitment to trying to equalizing the outlay over the following two years.

The current situation is that MMF is being paid direct to the diocese by each church. This is because a central Waterside account cannot be set up until it officially becomes a benefice. It was agreed that MMF would continue to be paid in this way. There was discussion about MMF Call and different Deaneries.

It was agreed that invoices for expenses should be directed to PH at Devoran, who would pay them by bank transfer. The other two churches will then pay one third each to Devoran. The Treasurers to sort out arrangements. Each church to have invoices and receipts for their own records.


KW distributed a poster to be displayed at each church. She described her aspirations for the day. It is planned that JCC members will have the time and space to look at where we have come from, where we are now and spend time reflecting on the period of transition. The BMO will be included as will ways of working with the diocese to deliver the central tenets of our mission.

KW asked for other suggestions for the day and hoped that it will be an event where it is important for us all to be open, frank, respectful and thoughtful. KW thanked Martin and Nina Davey for hosting the occasion.

7/. AOB

Adrian distributed copies of a prayer he has written. It is a draft and we are asked to publicise it via the website, pew-news, Facebook, other social media outlets and Notices on Sunday mornings. The idea is that we can agree a prayer for The Waterside Churches when we meet on Focus Day. This would then be regularly used throughout the benefice.

It was agreed that there is no need for the Treasurers to attend JCC on a formal basis. They may be asked to attend, individually or together, when a need arises.


Tuesday 9th November, 2021 at 7.00pm at St. Piran’s Church Hall.

The meeting closed with prayer. 


Minutes of the Waterside Churches JC Steering Committee - 12 July 2021 at 7pm at St Piran’s Church Hall, Perranarworthal

In attendance: The Revd Karen Wilson (KW), The Revd Jonathan Rowe (JR), David Simmons (DS), Anne Ramsden (AR), Bill Jewell (BJ), Paul Stuart (PS), Martin Davey (MD) and Esther Pollard (minutes)

Welcome and opening prayers led by KW.

Apologies – there were none. 

Feedback from PCC meetings re aims and mission of the JCC.

PS - Perranarworthal – agreed unanimously details as set out in the parish profile, the basis for KW appointment. Also agreed that the JCC should comprise 3 members of each church including at least Church Warden. Terms of office of JCC should be two years and/or re-electable. There should be flexibility. There must be ability to co-opt as and when. Should meet every two months in the first year, and then every 3 months thereafter. Quorum should be 50% at least 1 member of each church. Finance also discussed and it was agreed that the bank account and moneys paid into the Waterside Churches’ JCC account each month, to include MMF and clergy travel expenses; each church should pay in the amount as agreed.

MD - St Feock, one, two and three year appointments so no skills/knowledge are lost. At least one member of each church to achieve Quorum. Agreed to set up Waterside Churches joint account and pay out MMF (Mission and Ministry Fund) monthly by direct debit.

BJ - Devoran, Bill Jewell fed back with his prior knowledge on deanery synod and diocesan synod and its workings. In Devoran the PCC agreed with both Perranarworthal and St Feock PCCs. However, it needs a model rule for JCCs taken from Church Representation Rules. Bill will circulate copies of this model for setting up the proposed constitution for the JCC on the basis that this is a first draft giving everyone the opportunity to comment.

AR - Devoran PCC cannot commit to paying an amount of MMF (Mission and Ministry Fund) every month as their income is not as regular and most funds are received towards the end of the year. We are joining the Parish giving scheme which will make the cashflow easier for the future. We are fully committed to the Waterside and MMF.

BJ further commented that Term of Office; 2 or 3 three years. In C of E everything works on 3 year cycles and would suggest to keep in line with the C of E rules. Alternatively, two, three year cycle, and then need to step back. Quorum: 50%.

St Feock; MD suggest opening a joint JCC bank account but only pays out KW expenses until such time Devoran is ready to make monthly MMF payments.

Action: PS seconded and all agreed to the above proposal.

Discussion around mileage was discussed and KW will advise level of expenses and once there is a better idea of the level, KW will let everyone know so that every church can make sure that there are sufficient funds in the joint JCC account.

Agreed to hold off discussion on the issue of Finance until a Treasurer(s) is able to join the next JCC meeting.

3. Membership of JCC

KW commented that clergy licensed to the three parishes should be on the JCC which is KW (as chair) and JR as licensed minister to be on the JCC (it excludes retired clergy e.g. clergy with PTO); Three reps of the laity appointed by each PCC and one should be a churchwarden. Parishes should be given the opportunity to become members of the JCC and prayerfully and reflectively consider whether they have gifting and skills to bring to the JCC. It should be open, transparent and inclusive.

All agreed that a notice/announcement in the three churches this Sunday (18 July) should include the issue of JCC and membership inviting people to become a member of the JCC giving them two weeks to reflect and come back (e.g. by 1 August, 2021). Between those present it was agreed an email will be circulated to all church congregation members.

Action: KW will draft a suitable text which will be circulated amongst current congregation members.

4. “Vision Day”

KW would like to plan an “away day” once all the members of the Waterside Churches JCC are elected, to pray collectively about what God is calling us to do and to make sure we are listening to what he is saying. An idea is to go somewhere neutral, praying, and having discussions on the priority of the JCC which should focus on the Vision and Mission of the JCC. There was a suggestion to use Epiphany House in Truro which has preferential rates and has good open space.

Action: KW agreed to explore Epiphany House to see what the options are – possibly looking at a full day. EP to contact Epiphany House to explore dates in September and October and availability.

KW asked about how people felt about a Quiet Day – this is usually an opportunity for people to bond and build relationships. The group would decide what the JCC priorities were and what would be discussed.

A short discussion took place about AMD (Accompanied Ministry Development) a diocesan initiative to include clergy and parishioners to work together and there were some suggestions that it was not wholly positively received. KW confirmed her suggested model that she would like to pursue is based on being entirely collaborative.

5. Combined prayers

KW said that as work begins around the formation of the JCC, combined prayers from all the churches are going to be vital. It will be important to share this prayer and it was suggested that Adrian Walker might be a good person to write this prayer. It might also be an idea that there is an editing process that involves people from the three churches.

Action: It was agreed that AR contact Adrian Walker.

6. Finance

KW suggested that at future JCC meetings a treasurer should be in attendance.

An idea was mooted that perhaps all treasurers from all three churches should attend the next JCC meeting. It may be an opportunity to hear from them what they see as their challenges and to hear from them how they would like to work.

Action: KW to invite all three treasurers from the three churches to the next JCC meeting.

The Treasurers would attend the JCC to explain their role and discuss any finance related issues and/or queries they may have. JR wanted to put on record that all the three churches have excellent treasurers and that they have a very tight grip on the individual churches’ finances.

It would be useful for the treasurers to open up on how they work as every treasurer does have different ways of working and seeing ways of how they could combine their skills to the benefit of all three churches particularly bearing in mind the formation of the JCC.

JR recommended that there would need to have an agenda items for the treasurers prior to the meeting.

7. AOB

a) JR is very excited about the Waterside Churches but mindful there will be bumps in the road. We need to determine to be realistic about the expectations and be positive about the future road ahead.

b) “Unlocking announcement” in relation to COVID of the PM and what impact it has on our church services especially in terms of KW licensing service. In terms of numbers attending the service, this should not be a problem. It will be all about how people will feel personally about social distancing and wearing masks. Legally after the 19 July there will be no restrictions. Need to keep an eye out for any announcements from Bishop Sarah, Bishop of London. Guidance is expected at the end of the week (16 July).

8. Date / time of next meeting

17 August at 7pm at Devoran – full JCC meeting plus three treasurers.

Agenda will need to include ratification of the JCC constitution and JCC agreed.

How the three treasurers are going to work as a team; finance issues;

JCC to make clear how it would like to work to achieve its aims financially and in stewardship and in response finding out how the treasurers will help it to get there.

Making clear the aims and mission of JCC;

Want to hear from new members what their skills and giftings are and what they can bring to the JCC.

Action: EP to circulate the profile and the draft of the JCC constitution to all members before the meeting of 17 August.

PCC meetings to elect JCC membership

Devoran 5 August

Perranarworthal 3 August 2pm

St Feock – zoom meeting on 4 August 7pm

Closing prayers lead by JR.

Meeting concluded at 20:30.